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German Hair Clinic is renowned for all types of hair loss treatments, hair transplant & medical management of hair loss with more than 18 years of expertise in delivering thousands of satisfied clients. We have created our legacy in the Hair transplantHair loss treatments & hair replacement industry with our hand-picked customized solution, perfection, and professionalism. 

We have performed more then 60000 successful laser hair removal & glow treatments. We are most experienced especially in laser hair removal having more then 99% patient satisfaction . We are having the best quality equipment manufactured in countries like Germany and Italy.

At German Hair Clinic, we assure that your problems won’t reoccur as we provide the most advanced Hair Restoration like AHT Hair Transplant, FUE Hair Transplant, FUT Hair Transplant, non surgical hair restoration, Hair Loss management to help you fight hair thinning, baldness or any other hair conditions. Medical Counselling Before undergoing any medical treatment, with our chief doctor Dr. Bharti Arora will ensure comprehensive medical check up with hair condition history, reasons, any previous health problems and the type of treatment you are looking for!

Hair Consultation

Fight Baldness & get your Natural hair back only with German hair transplant clinic. Book your appointment now & also get free hair problem consultation from India's Top Dermatologists!

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body, called the 'donor site', to a bald or balding part of the body known as the 'recipient site'.

Hair Treatments

Hair treatments generally refer to any means of managing common hair related problems such as hair fall, dryness, dandruff, frizzy hair, thinning hair, hair loss, grey hair and so on.

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Last Time, I visited with my relative German Hair Clinic which is the best hair transplant services in Hisar. They have baldness problems and his hairs are not growing, that's why we have decided to visit there, and after 15 days, his hairs started growing. Thanks German Hair Clinic for that service.

Rohit Vats

Thanks to German Hair Clinic for giving me good hairs in very short time. Now I am feeling good as now I regain my Hairs that you have transplanted on me. The service and experience both are awesome and they also have dedicated team in this field who have Mastery in the work of hair transplant. I want to recommend them to you.

Kuldeep Sharma

Features & Services

Medical Counselling

All our treatments are preceded by counselling of patients. Hair loss has a severe adverse effect on patient psychology. Determining the mental state of patient along with guiding him for the right treatment is equally important. Our councillors/doctors are trained to guide patients for hair loss and future impact it can have on young patients.

Qualified Doctors

We are proud to have excellent team of Doctors, Dermatologists and hair transplant surgeon for perfect medical management of hair loss. Headed by Dr. Bharti Arora German Hair clinic has been delivering consistent hair loss treatments for last 18 years. Our team of doctors has been globally trained for hair transplant and hair loss treatments.

Best Amenities

All German clinic are self owned. We do not believe in letting out franchise to maintain excellent quality control. All our surgical centres are well equipped and are having one of the best infrastructures amongst hair transplant clinics in India. High standard of safety and hygiene in our procedures are our hallmark with German Clinic team.

Client Satisfaction

All our treatments are FDA approved safe and effective. We do only treatments which are medically proven and backed with excellent research. We have limited but very effective hair loss treatments, hair thinning and hair problems. Our hair transplant technology is known worldwide to deliver robust, safe and effective results. We are proud that we have achieved very high satisfaction rate for all hair loss treatments, hair problems and hair transplant procedures since many years.

Best Procedure

Our research and global collaboration has helped us to develop one of the best hair transplant procedures in India. Dr. Bharti Arora has worked with lot of for last 14 years. Dr. Bharti’s work in FUE hair transplant has been known worldwide. All our technique and instruments are developed under his guidance to deliver best of the world in hair loss treatments. Our AHT hair transplant technique is getting global recognition.

100% Safe

For successful hair transplants, grafts must survive and adapt to new areas where they are transplanted. Clinical studies show that about 85-95% of all implanted grafts easily grow in the transplanted area. This high percentage indicates that hair transplants are generally very successful.

But German Hair Clinic is one of the best hair clinic which have shown 100% client satisfaction who get their hair after 1-2 Months, as people love our work.

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Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a technique in which Dermatological surgeon moves hair to a bald area of the head. The surgeon usually moves hair from the back or side of the head to the front or top of the head.

In this technique removes hair follicles from one part of the body, called the 'donor site', to a bald or balding part of the body known as the 'recipient site'.

Experienced Doctors

Dr. Bharti Arora

Dr. Sanjeev Arora

Frequently asked questions

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ABOUT German Hair Clinic

How successful is a hair transplant?

Hair transplants are typically more successful than over-the-counter hair restoration products. Anywhere from 10 to 80 percent of transplanted hair will fully grow back in an estimated three to four months. Like regular hair, transplanted hair will thin over time.

How long do hair transplants last?

It takes around six months before you can see significant changes in hair growth. The complete results of the transplant will be visible after a year. In most cases, a hair transplant will last a lifetime because healthy hair follicles are transplanted into thinning or bald areas.

Can anybody get a hair transplant?

Men and women of all races can be good candidates for a hair transplant. To be considered for a hair transplant, you need two things: Enough healthy hair on your scalp that can be transplanted to the area that needs hair. The ability to grow hair on the thinning area of your scalp.


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