How to reduce ping in PubG mobile | PubG Lag Fix (10 Ways)

How to reduce ping in PubG mobile | PubG Lag Fix (10 Ways) –

Pubg mobile is increasing its reputation in the gaming market and crossed over 200+million users.

The game is pretty awesome, there are some bad issues that reduce user experience in it like lag, ping problem and farm drop, etc.

With the more new update in the game.

PUBG developers are not optimizing the game for low-end devices.

Mostly the lag in the game due to rendering during the gameplay

If you land on intense areas like Pochinki, there will be more render lag and most of all the enemies land for loot and kill.

10 Effective ways to reduce ping in PubG mobile | PubG Lag Fix

Below I Will Tell You About 10 Effective Ways, By Using Them YOU CAN FIX LAG IN PUBG MOBLIE And Reduce Your Ping Time.

So, Here Are A List of These Ways That You Can Use To PubG Lag Fix.

  1. Config file
  2. GFX tool
  3. Uninstall Unnecessary Applications
  4. Install Game Booster
  5. Clear Internal Memory Space
  6. Clear Cache
  7. Disable Apps running in the background
  8. Repair and Reinstall PUBG Mobile
  9. Minor Tips To Improve The Game Experience
  10. Force 4x MSAA

So, These Are some app or tricks you can use and fix PubG mobile lag And High Ping Time.

Explained Methods To Reduce Ping Time And PubG Mobile Leg Fix

Here I Provide You A Complete Guide On How To Use These Tips, Tricks, And Apps To Remove Leg Issue From Your PubG Mobile And Reduce your Ping Time.


This Is One of the best ways to fix PUBG MOBILE lag And High Ping Time Issue.

By Using This Config file you Will Get So smooth graphics and extreme frame rate That Will Help You To fix your PubG Moblie lag Issue.

Steps To apply config file In PubG Mobile

To Use This Config File On Your Device, you need to download the config file and active.saw File From here – ConfigFile.

  1. First of All, download config file and active.saw and ES file explorer also.
  2. After download open ES file and go to the download folder and open config file.
  3. There you can see user custam.ini File, open it.
  4. Then you can see some code in this file, Then hold on the screen with your finger and copy all code.
  5. After copy the code, Open The File Explorer, Go to the android folder>data>com.tancent.ig>file>UE4game>ShadowtrackerExtra> ShadowtrackerExtra>Saved>Config>Android.
  6. Now scroll down and you can see userCustom.ini File, open it.
  7. Then select only user custom code and paste the Copied Code There.
  8. Now go to the download folder and cope active.saw
  9. And now Again go to Android folder>data>com.tancent.ig>file>UE4game>ShadowtrackerExtra> ShadowtrackerExtra>Saved>saveGame
  10. The paste your Copied File There and replace the Original file, That Already Present In That Folder.

So, This Is The Complete Method To Use Config File.

This is the best way to fix PubG Moblie lag and ping Problem.

2. By Using GFX TOOL:

To implement the GFX Tool In Your PubG Mobile Game, Just follow these steps:-

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Search for GFX Tool
  3. Download and install the first one
  4. Open it
  5. Select the “Game Version
  6. Adjust the graphics mode to “So Smooth”
  7. Adjust the Graphics resolution to “1280×720”
  8. Choose the Classic style
  9. Choose “60 FPS” in the FPS section of the app
  10. Disable Shadows
  11. Adjust Rendering Quality to ‘Low’
  12. Disable Light Effects Enable “Save Control” settings
  13. Enable “GPU optimization” which reduces unnecessary effects
  14. Save the Settings and Run the game

3.Uninstall Unnecessary Applications:

Some Time Our Phone Legs Due To Unnecessary Applications, That We Installed On Our Device.

This Will Put Extra Load On Our Phone RAM And Processor.

To remove unnecessary applications From Your Device, follow Below steps:-

  1. Go to your “Device Settings”
  2. Click on “Apps Management”
  3. Uninstall all unwanted applications which you do not need
  4. Restart your device
  5. And It’s Done

Removing Unnecessary Application Will Make Your Device Run Soomther And reduce your Pubg lag issue And High Ping Time Issue.

3. Install Game Booster Apps:

Game Booster Will Also Help You To Reduce Lag Issue And High Ping Time Issue From PubG Mobile.

This Will Block All The Unnecessary Background Process And Provide More Processing And RAM Resources To Your Game File.

That Will Help Your Game To Run Smoothly.

To install And Use Game Booster, follow Below Given steps:

  1. Open the Google Play store
  2. Search for Game Booster
  3. Download and Install the one which is rated well
  4. Open the “Game Booster”
  5. Game Booster will automatically search for all the games installed on your device
  6. Run the game from the Game Booster

thus you can fix your game lag issue.

5. Clear Internal Memory Data To Make Space:

To Run A Game OR Any Apps Smoothly, You Have To Keep Enough Internal Memory Space Free.

This Will Help Game Files To Easily Execute And RAM To Easily Load Your Game Files.

To-Do So, You Have To Delete Some Unwanted Files From Your Internet Storage.

So, Remove unwanted files like audio, video, etc from your internal storage And boost Your game.  

To clear internal memory space, follow these steps:

  1. Open your “File Manager”
  2. Scan for Big Files in your Internal Storage.
  3. Remove unwanted Big Files that you don’t need.
  4. Reboot your device and run the game

6. Clear Cache:

Whenever you run any applications on your device, it occupies some space in your device.

It Will Create Some Cache Files On Your Internet Storage, That Put Some Extra Load On Your RAM And Processor.

So, To Fix This Issue Clear all caches of all the applications installed on your device.

To clear cache, follow steps That I mentioned below:

  1. Go to your Device Settings
  2. Open your “App Management”
  3. Select an App at a time.
  4. Clear their Cache
  5. Reboot your Device
  6. You Have To Clear All Apps Cache To Get Better Speed.

*Clearing Cache of Any Apps Will Logout Your Account From That App. So, Proceed It With Cation.

7. Disable Apps Running in Background:

Whenever you open an app and directly move to your home screen without closing the apps.

Those apps will run in the background and increases RAM usage and battery Consumption.  

Also, various Default system apps run in the background of your device.  

So, To Get Fastest Speed And A Smooth Experience, Open PUBG Mobile after disabling apps running in the background.  

To disable apps running in the background, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your “Account Settings”
  2. Open your “App Management”
  3. Select Apps installed on your device
  4. Click on “Battery or Power Usage”
  5. Click on “Disable Background Running”
  6. Reboot the device and run the game

Thus You Can Close All Your Unnecessary Apps That Running In Background And Boost Your Ping Time.

8. Repair the Game:

Sometimes there might be some error in your download files of the PUBG mobile app.

This Issue Happen Due To Some Technical Problem Like Lost Connecting During Update OR Through Any Other Major Reason.

But You can repair the game easily.  

During the loading time, there are three options: Settings, Repair, and Language.

There Just Click on “Repair” and the game will reinstall in your device.  

Make sure you have sufficient data balance in your device.

9. Minor Trick:

You can improve and boost your gameplay So it would not lag.

Just by following some simple tricks.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection

Make sure you mute your speaker and mic when They Are Not in Use During the gameplay.

This Will Help You To Run Game Smoothly On A Slow Internet Connection.

I hope these steps and tips can reduce your PUBG Mobile Lags And High Ping Time.

10. Force 4x MSAA:

Do you know you can fix lags in PubG mobile by just Changing one setting in the Android developer mode?

The android developer had itself provided us an option to run our game smoothly

Now, I will tell you that option.

That option is called “Force 4x MSAA” which is available in the developer option.

Android developers hide this developer option Because if you make a mistake in this option, Then your device will face many problems.

However, the option Force 4x MSAA is safe to use.

This option makes your texture and gameplay to run smoothly.

You Have To Just Enable Android Developers Option On Your Device By Clicking Multiple Time On Your Build Number.

Then From Developer Option, Enable This Option.

Why does PUBG Mobile keep lagging?

PubG lag because your devices can’t handle it or your network is not good or your devices install unnecessary apps

How do I stop PUBG lag?

Here some apps and config file its reduces your PubG lag and high ping time all this apps are one of the bast apps with no ban or you can fix your pubg mobile lag

How do I improve my PUBG Ping?

PubG Mobile give you high ping but after you use my steps you can fix your high ping time this apps close your background process


So, These Are 10 Effective Ways That Will Help You to Fix Pubg Mobile lag and ping issue.

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