What Our Customers Said


Super Thunder is an awesome cooler. I have tested it at my home and then started selling this cooler brand at my shop. The customers who buy this have given 98% satisfaction response. The blade speed is very good and the capacity of motor is better.

Rahul Kumar


My sale of coolers have increased after the selling of Super Thunder Coolers. We and my team have sold 200% more coolers after selling this brand coolers. The Super Thunder was the most selling product during last summer in 2020.

Ravi Poonia


Everyone from their owner to their salesperson were absolutely outstanding! Absolutely not the cheapest quote we received, but there is a reason for that. Superb quality swamp cooler, and absolute peace of mind that all will be well in the future. I loved our experience and will refer The Super Thunder to all, as I already Have!

Sumit Yadav

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